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March 1, 2022

Openning event

Video chat beyond words

Saturday, November 11, 2017, was the day when for the first time in Timisoara, we opened to the public, the doors of the most modern studio.

Specifically, we celebrated together the official inauguration of our studios. Being an exclusive and unique event, only 30 guests from outside the field were able to enjoy the Angels experience, having access to the working environment of our models.

The brave ones were able to freely explore the studios where the Angels models work, receiving answers and valuable information about the life of online hostess and the advantages it offers. Among those present at the event was Silvia Abreu, Studio Manager of Angels Studio, who leisurely explained the mechanism behind Angels and the unlimited earnings, obtained monthly by models. "2017 was a year of change for Angels Studio. A new location, a united team that strives for excellence and above all mutual respect and professionalism. The need for a refreshment came as a natural step after 6 years of activity, in order to be able to approach large-scale projects with a lot of potential. ” Silvia confessed in one of the interviews given at the beginning of the year.


Also present at the event was Mr. Adrian Stoneman - the official representative of ImLive. Mister Stoneman is the operational manager of ImLive, his presence at the event attesting to the important connection that exists between Angels Studio and ImLive.

As for the benefits of the job of online hostess, they allow ladies to be free and independent and focus on what is really important to them in everyday life. The guaranteed income starts from the amount of $ 900 / month and can be extended up to $ 30,000 / month. In addition to these aspects, our studio also has a package of bonuses and gifts depending on performance, personalized trainings, a lot of professional development opportunities, guaranteeing the legal form of your job and maintaining confidentiality.

As a proof of professionalism, Angels Studio obtained 3 years in a row from CCIAT the first place in the Top Companies in Timișoara. The surprises we have prepared do not stop here, so interested people are invited to constantly follow the Facebook page for information and details. We are suitable for people who want to earn at least $ 900 / month, who are ambitious and who aspire to an independent lifestyle.