The openning event
March 1, 2022
The decission
March 1, 2022

Nice to meet you

We are Angels Studio!

The year 2017 means a year of change for Angels Studio.

A new location, a Studio Manager that strives for excellence, a united team and above all mutual respect and professionalism. The need for a refreshment came as a natural step after 6 years of activity, in order to be able to approach large-scale projects with a lot of potential.

But let's tell you in detail what Angels Studio means.

Located in a quiet area, but easily accessible, the Studio is the place where we carry out our entire activity. We have chosen to invest the time, energy and finances needed to provide our models with a working environment at European standards. We are talking more precisely about an investment of 1 million dollars, intended for location, equipment and modern design.

When it comes to the advantages offered to the models, the guaranteed incomes start from the amount of $ 900 from the first month of employment (the minimum earning threshold) and can be extended indefinitely depending on the degree of involvement. In addition to these aspects, Angels Studio also has a package of bonuses and gifts depending on performance, English language training or according to the requirements of the model, a lot of professional development opportunities based on the results obtained and a flexible schedule to respect their free time.

Regarding the internal situation of the company, it is managed by Silvia Abreu, Studio Manager of Angels Studio. With previous experience in a management position at ImLive (the world's leading video chat website), determination and a strong relationship based on an external collaboration with Angels Studio, Silvia has reached her current position, dealing closely with models and helping the business, this time from a completely different perspective.

The transition process was organic and certainly to be expected. We have collaborated with Angels Studio and its CEO for the last 3 years, so things have settled naturally. "Silvia revealed in an interview with Xbiz. The difference between the competition is also a clear one, our Studio putting price per quality and not quantity.

We treat our models with the respect, understanding and attention they deserve. We don't believe in standardization, we don't use screenplays, and acting classes are out of the question. We encourage the naturalness of our models, emphasizing their qualities and every shade of personality when they are in front of the camera. We believe that fans prefer to pay for such services at the expense of free ones, because they want to have a unique experience.", mentions Silvia in the same interview.