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This Webcam Model Job
Is about You!

Exuberant, with personality,
spoiled and ... very well paid

We are Angels Studio and for over 8 years we offer ambitious women the chance to win monthly incomes of thousands of dollars by working in this special job of Webcam Model. We had created this website with the unique purpose of recruiting future models in the free positions in our studio. What is your role as an Webcam Model? You communicate with members from other countries, you enjoy your office car, you start with a minimum income of $ 1000 / month, but you can exceed the amount of $ 30,000 / month and you can choose dream destinations for your holidays! Your revenue shall be transparent and legal, and if prizes motivate you, you can get so much more by entering international competitions.


And yet, what does video-chat mean?

Many speak, but there are only a few who know the field, therefore we invite you in our modern studio in Timisoara, to find out what this job is all about before taking the decision to join our team. Visiting us does not imply any obligation on your part, and we promise you spending quality time together to help you decide if “The next Angel” job suits you.

Our offer


Or...why you should think
3 times about our job

$ 1 million investment


awarded "Best Live Cam Models Concept"


Angels Studio Timisoara. Online jobs. Unlimited earnings. Bonuses. Holidays. Company car. Confidentiality.

See the studio presentation video and answers to frequently asked questions about your Webcam Model job.

Angels Studio

● We have over 8 years of experience and we approach this field with a lot of professionalism
● The Timiș Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIAT) awarded us because we are the market leader among small and medium enterprises in Timiș County
● Our models have bonuses, a service car and a unique package of benefits - the holidays are on the list :)
● We invested $ 1 million in our new headquarters, with luxury studios, state-of-the-art equipment and much ... good taste
● Our models receive at least $ 1000 / month even if they are beginners, but they can earn as much as $ 30,000 / month. The recipe is seriousness and perseverance.
● We are like a family. You do not believe? Visit us for a coffee! You will like us, and the visit does not imply any obligation. Convince yourself!


Define your success

earn $ 65,000 / month

Does the income of thousands of dollars a month that one of our models earned seem unreal?! Let's take a look at what happened back in December: over $65,000 earned by ... one of our Angels (we keep her identity anonymous because we privacy is one of our main concerns). But you can see the internal earnings report!

Angels Studio is a life-changing experience for every model. It seems unbelievable, but earning $ 65,000 is not a dream. With confidence, ambition and determination you can reach wherever you set out. Offering working conditions at European standards and guaranteed income starting from the amount of $ 900 since the first month of employment, the studio is the first step towards what you really want. What is the maximum possible income you can earn from our position as an Angel? Sky is the limit!