Best Live Cam Models Concept 2021
March 2, 2022
Video chat – A job like any other, but very well paid
March 15, 2022

What are the three wishes
we can fulfill for you?

No, we’re not the golden fish, but we can certainly grant you three wishes ;)

Imagine being hugged in those cold mornings, everyone turning their heads to look at you when you’re at the stoplight, feeling spoiled every minute you two spend together - yes, we are talking about you and your new car ;)

As an Angels Studio video chat model, you have the opportunity to receive a brand new car as a bonus, and not any car, but the car of your dreams. Are you dreaming of a cute, little Smart car? Or maybe a luxurious Mercedes? Or a feisty Range Rover? Or maybe you love technology and an electric car would be better suited for you? You chose, we will give it to you.

Maybe you’re wondering how can we, at Angels Studio, offer such generous monthly income to our models, bonuses, gifts, cars and holidays? The answer is simple, but not simplistic. First of all, the income rule is 50-60% of proceeds go to the video chat model. Then, through specialized training, we prepare models to be competitive and suitable for the select international platforms we collaborate with. We know that the video chat field is a pleasant one, in which you can easily make tens of thousands of dollars each month, but at the same time, it’s a competitive one. To perform as an online model, first of all, you have to be in a very good state of mind, to be confident in your personality strengths and feel relaxed and comfortable in your own life. If we can contribute to a luxurious lifestyle through bonuses, gifts and a brand new car, we would be happy to give them to you.



You’re thinking about trying out the video chat model job? You can discover more information on our Jobs.

What’s the typology of the women who choose this job? That’s a tough answer to give because, amongst our colleagues, we have: students, married women who decided to come to the interview with their husbands to make sure everything was in order, divorced mothers who are looking for financial stability and free time for their children, women who decided to leave a multinational company because they were working too many hours which left them with little time for themselves and not that much money, either. The common denominator is the fact that they are all unselfconscious, they have great conversational abilities and they are set on living a luxurious life.

Do you have what it takes to be #theNextAngel?