• Video chat is exactly what the word says: conversation via video camera. Specifically, beautiful girls with personality spend time in front of the camera, conversing with people from other countries. They are Webcam Models.
• This job is very well paid for two reasons: it only works with clients from foreign countries and this industry is very highly rated financially.
• Video chat is an area with a bad reputation and social perception. Many blame him without knowing the details of the Webcam Models job. Online interactions do not necessarily have to involve eroticism. If the model is "smart", casual and has very good conversational skills in English, she has all the chances to earn huge amounts of money, every month.
• Each of our models has the freedom to choose how they interact with customers, their skills to keep them interested online for as long as possible being very important.
• Revenues are directly proportional to the time spent online in private discussions with customers. Also, the monthly earnings are shared equally between the model and the Angels company, ensuring total transparency: 55% take the model, 45% remain with the company.
• What is the type of girls who choose this job? Hard to answer because we have among our colleagues: students, married women who came to interview the husband to make sure everything is ok, divorced mothers who want financial stability and free time for their child, women who left a job in a multinational because they worked too many hours and didn't have time for them. The common denominator is that they are casual, have conversational skills and are determined to live a luxurious life.

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● You are looking for a very well paid job that will give you the freedom and independence to do everything you want in life
● You want to have a flexible work schedule, which will allow you to have time to live
● You like to travel and discover new places and people
● You want to be encouraged to hone your skills and be part of a very close-knit team, in which your colleagues become friends.



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