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We watch video chat in a professional way, that's why our studios are modern, tastefully furnished, equipped with the latest technical equipment, creative and ... waiting for you! We have invested over $ 1 million in designing the studios because we know how important the ambiance is to be relaxed and productive. We know you want to have time for other activities in your life, that's why our program is flexible. You work whenever you want, but seriously because you can earn thousands of dollars a month, depending on your performance. The job of Webcam Model involves privacy on our part and freedom to choose on your part, more precisely you decide which members you interact with and from which country they come. We invite you to discover what the job of Webcam Model means and what the studios you will work in look like!

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W hy choose Angels Studio?

We are the video chat studio in Timișoara, which since 2012 offers women the chance to become financially independent. We are the market leader among small and medium enterprises in Timiș County, which is certified by the Timiș Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIAT). We rely on quality and not on quantity, which is why we work with a limited number of models. We have a team of video chat models who have been working with us for over 7 years, which proves the seriousness and professionalism that characterizes us. We invest energy and enthusiasm in everything we do, and the results of our models speak for themselves. Consistent and secure monthly income (minimum $ 1000 guaranteed, from the first month) that can reach up to $ 60,000, confidentiality and training courses, luxury car and vacation ... all are the characteristics of your future job as a video chat model.

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And yet, what does it mean to work at a video chat studio in Timisoara?

Many talk about it, but few know the field, so we invite you to us, in our modern studios in Timisoara, to know what this job means before taking the decision to join our team. Visiting us does not imply any obligation on your part, and we promise you quality time, and then you can decide for yourself if it suits you to be "The next Angel".


For each model - room, dressing room toilet, individual lockers, air conditioning in each room


Specially designed space for make-up and dedicated photo sessions


Modernly equipped rooms, equipped with Dell PCs & professional Sony cameras, 101 cm 4K monitors


Dining area, terrace, massage chair and games for relaxing breaks (Sony PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Wii)