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March 1, 2022
March 2, 2022

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Interview given to Xbiz World Magazine

Tell us a little bit about how Angels Studio was created. What inspired the founders to venture into the highly competitive field of video chat?

Angels Studio has been on the market for almost 7 years. In 2011, the video chat studio seen as a business was very far from today's competitive and organized industry. The story of Angels started from a coincidence when the founder and owner of the business, Daniel Mateș, decided to help some of his friends who wanted to try their career as webcam model, but did not have the necessary resources for the equipment. The opportunity was an attractive one, the studio initially operating only online. The models worked from their own homes, and the services offered by the studio were facilities to purchase equipment (PC and webcam), logistics and internal payment methods. Subsequently, Angels Studio was transformed into a much more complex professional service, by launching the studio in Timisoara. With the creation of a group of models oriented towards excellence, it was time to start working with websites and to create lasting collaborations with those that suited the business. This moment was a crucial one, leading to the definition and improvement of our training methods and to the identification of the models we wanted at Angels, completely changing the course of the studio's history.

What recruitment strategy do you adopt to bring new models into the Angels Studio family? How do you manage to keep them long-term?

We are aware that the video chat field is perceived as deficient in the market and the recruitment of new models is a rather difficult process. The most difficult thing is to determine the right people to come to the interview, to know our studios and to get acquainted with the benefits and peculiarities of the job. We use an integrated promotion strategy to recruit, a strategy that falls in line with the marketing plan. As communication channels in recruitment we use: ads on specialized recruitment sites, we promote our own site to increase its traffic and visibility, we participate in events with high exposure to the target audience, we encourage recommendations from the current models, and last but not least we use advertising campaigns on social media networks. From the moment a person decides to become an online hostess, things are easier - it is easy to motivate them to stay long-term because our business philosophy is based on: quality - through the modern studios that we have them - an investment of over 1 million dollars; professionalism - our models are employed with a work card, and confidentiality is the order of the day; motivation - the package of benefits that our models enjoy is a generous one: very high incomes, bonuses, trainings and daily support.


Tell us something about the facilities that Angels Studio offers to models such as trainings, work studios, social media, etc.

We are the most modern studio in Timișoara, both in terms of design and technical equipment and daily pampering that we offer to our models. From comfortable and stylish rooms, a common seating area with games .... to a cheerful kitchen with many goodies, a terrace for relaxing breaks and a make-up area - all are part of the Angels Studio standard. We offer specialized training for all models, customized according to the needs of each, so that they feel comfortable and confident in them - all this is felt in the attitude they have in front of the camera. We know that the most important resource in this business is the human one and that is why we establish friendships with the models, helping them whenever they need, even in problems that may arise in their lives beyond work. Our philosophy - We are a family!


Tell us a bit about the relationship of the studio with video chat networks. What is the approach you use to collaborate with top websites?

We understand that the success of a video chat studio represents a balance between 3 important pillars: Models, Technology / Facilities, Web Platforms and implicitly Partners. He works with a small group of websites, all premium, maintaining a strong, close and loyal business relationship. ImLive, CamContacts and Flirt4Free are part of the Angels Studio family. We have a continuous collaboration mechanism with all three and we do not plan to integrate a fourth platform in our business until we have a solid mutual relationship.

How does Angels Studio manage to have a strong team, but also leadership skills and professional development?

The main ingredient for a strong team is involvement - in a word: "We care!" We pay attention to the individual needs of each model and always try to meet their requirements. Our trainer is with them every day, guiding and motivating them, supporting them in the less good days that each of us has, and Daniel - the business owner is more than a leader. In interviews with our marketing agency with the models (interview aimed at knowing the details of their job in order to set a market-appropriate recruitment and branding strategy) they stated that "Daniel is the first person I call if I have a problem "- their answer denotes maximum trust and friendship, before all other professional aspects.

What are the company's expansion plans, talking about new locations and greater brand awareness?

2017 was a year with many successes and favorable changes for Angels Studio, and we keep the upward trend in the new year. Our development strategy involves constant marketing actions that increase brand awareness in the target market sector and place Angels Studio in the first place in the minds of women who want to become financially independent and choose a lifestyle in which they can explore their femininity. , to increase their confidence and allow them to have time for their personal or family life. We live in a society where making a lot of money involves sacrifices on other planes of life - we strongly believe that the job of online hostess can successfully tick all the essential boxes for a woman to feel fulfilled. Angels Studio fights for this every day!