March 2, 2022
Best Live Cam Models Concept 2021
March 2, 2022

Live Cam Awards

International awards

Angels Studio won the title "Best Live Cam Models Concept 2020"

Emotions, enthusiasm, hundreds of guests from dozens of countries - this is how we could describe in a few words the most recent event I attended. On March 1, we were in Lisbon with some of our models, at the sixth edition of the Live Cam Awards gala hosted by Casino Estoril.

Without all the amazing and hardworking people working in the video chat industry, growth would never have been possible. Video chat has been and is the biggest innovation in the history of the internet, so we need to show our appreciation for the pioneers and innovators working in the industry. We have an obligation to give them the praise and appreciation they truly deserve. ” - declares the representative of Live Cam Awards.


The expansion of the live industry in recent years is obvious to anyone who has had a minimum of contact with this field. We are all witnessing this - as models become more popular, video chat sites compete effectively to provide the best service to their customers and models, payment systems have progressed to offer new, more fast to pay and be paid, the number of events has increased considerably in recent years.
Being a field little sympathetic to public opinion and still taboo, it is hard to believe that there can be seriousness and professionalism in this type of business. But precisely because they operate in an area blamed and judged by many, video chat studios are run by managers who put first the seriousness, transparency of the business and support of the models who are part of their team. And those who do not have principles, do not last on this market for more than a year.

The "Best Live Cam Models Concept 2020" award won by Angels Studio is a testament to the professionalism, the perfection of the studio concept implemented with a budget of over $ 1 million, the quality of the relationship with the models who have been working with us for many years. "Angels Studio was created 8 years ago in Timisoara, and the multitude of awards won encourages us to grow more and more, from one year to the next."