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September 15, 2022
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February 2, 2023

It’s really Her, your neighbour

She’s beautiful, she’s tall, blonde, the one with the infectious smile - you admire her from the first moment you meet her. Then you had the opportunity to get to know her beyond her flawless physique: she is funny, smart, opinionated, and educated. She has a lot of friends and is open to helping anybody who needs it.

If you had to describe her in a couple of words, it would be: the imperfectly perfect woman ;)

You admire her primarily as a person. Then you find out that… oops… she works as a Webcam Model. More precisely, she is a video chat model! Under the impulse of our social dogmas, you start blaming her; your opinion about her has changed drastically, although She is still the same beautiful person, inside and out. And yet, you judge her…

Why are you judging her?! You don’t even understand what video chat is! You blame without knowing all the details. Video chat is exactly what the words imply: conversations via video camera. Specifically, beautiful women spend time in front of the camera, chatting with people from other countries. Online interactions may involve visual or attitudinal eroticism, but it doesn’t have to. If the model is “smart”, easy-going and with good conversational English skills, chances are they will earn huge sums of money. Video chat models are actually very smart women, masters of the art of seduction and conversation. 

Even more, they make a lot of money. And when we say “a lot of money”, we talk about amounts in the area of $30.000 a month!! I wonder, if you could earn similar amounts by chatting online with people, could you say no? We believe the answer is “no” :)

Let’s discover what life looks like from her perspective:
“My name is Maria and I love feeling free.  I’m a classic girl, I like luxury and decency, and before becoming a Webcam Model I worked in an IT company: hellish schedule, absurd management, and deadline. I earned an average salary that didn’t allow me to afford much.

I have been working at the Angels Studio for the past two years and my life has changed radically. To better understand what I mean, pay close attention to the following scenario: I drive the newest Jaguar model, I can afford any vacation I want and stay at only 5-star resorts, I can satisfy my every wish and I earn more than $150.000/year.

Recently, my friends and acquaintances found out what I do. 90% of them disappeared from my life, judging me, although my values as a person are still the same. I am the same person they knew yesterday, spent time with and admired.

I wonder: all of you that judge me, how long would it take you to win $150.000/year? Or what would you be willing to do for that kind of money? Despite your opinions, I remain the same. I’m a person who enjoys experiences and I like to enjoy everything that life has to offer. I feel beautiful, independent and appreciated for my work.”

Video chat life is much different than you think!