Video chat – A job like any other, but very well paid
March 15, 2022
Live Cam Awards 2022 – 5 nominations
March 15, 2022

2021 - the year of dozens of awards
for Angels Studio models

Being a Webcam Model at the Angles Studio means more than earning thousands of dollars a month. It means being spoiled, winning prizes, rewards, and notoriety in the online contests we organize. 

In 2021, our Angles models won 10 awards in the competitions organized by FOTY, in the following categories:

MISS NOVEMBER (2 awards)
MISS ROMANIA (2 awards)

For those of you not related to the video chat industry, we are going to reveal a few details about what these prizes mean. FOTY OVERALL represent the highest winnings earned by a single model throughout the year 2021. The credit score of one model is based on their earnings on the FOTY site. During FOTY 2021 they competed for cash prized and recognition as a top model in one of the categories, from First Base to Superstar and even Webcam Legend!

Premium Most Tips is part of the category of awards given based on the model’s attributes/characteristics. Therefore, Most Tips Premium is awarded to the video chat models that accumulated the most tips from their fans throughout the year.

The FOTY Regional Competition is a three-month showdown to award the 5 most dominant Webcam Models of North America, South America, Europe, Russia, and Romania!

In addition, video chat models can win big cash prizes every month depending on the performance.