A job like any other?

At Angels Studio, your income may grow from 4.000 RON, to 30.000$/month

At Angels, you earn 4.000 RON since the first month, regardless your experience! How can we manage to offer you this salary, even though you didn’t deliver a similar income for the studio? With a more than 6 years experience and a turnover of 1 million euros yearly, we know how to support our new models, to invest in their potential and to encourage them to become the best.

The income rule in this domain is 50% for the studio, 50% for the model. Let’s assume that you are a beginner and you won 2.000 RON on the website, you will not receive 1.000 RON/month, but 4.000 RON/month. Why? Because if you prove your seriousness, work 160 hours/month, you show us that you want to learn and to be better, we invest in you! We are sure that in the months to come, your performance and your earnings will be of thousands of dollars.

We have nothing to hide

Video chat is a private conversation. Those who mistake video chat with pornography or prostitution probably don’t understand the terms. Video chat is a private conversation between two adults, who decide freely in which way they want to interact.

More exactly video chat means building an online connection with people from other parts of the world, on various topics (erotic or not) depending on how you and the member establish by a mutual agreement. Briefly, is an interaction between two persons who meet only in the virtual space. Nowadays, such discussions have become not only an absolutely normal habit but also a legal one.

The websites used for online sessions are totally legal

Even though the adult section might contain an erotic show, it is, by all means, private, it’s just for over 18 years old individuals and does not affect decency, social, ethical or moral norms. The erotic nature of an online session is NOT mandatory, nor automatic. This issue depends only on the model and the client whether or not they want to make the conversation a more intimate one. It’s a common decision taken by two adults regarding their interaction.


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