As high as an Angel can fly…
but we like to be the very top ;)

It is said that you shouldn’t count your chickens before they are hatched, but as for us, Angels, the basic word of perseverance, we choose to be more diligent and to count our performances earlier. So, as this has been said, we're excited to announce that the studio was nominated (along with two of our talented models) at the XBIZ Europa Awards 2018 event.

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Smiles. Taking chances.
Discover the stories & the experiences of Angels Studio

For is not a limit ;)

T he prizes we won, don’t stop us from going bigger, on the contrary, we continue to grow every day, and it can be seen from the studio’s results and those of our models.

Year after year, Angels Studio rises before our eyes, and all year-to-year nominations and awards are multiplying. After a tight race for the “Romanian Cam Studio of the Year” and “Studio Model of the Year” titles, at Bucharest Summit 2018, an event in which we have proven both professionalism and fairplay, it was the time for us to shine and the fruits of our work to be rewarded as they should be.

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From the magic of free competition

We do not know what it is like for others, but in our field, the competition actions with no remorse. Shall we bribe or consider it normal? Shall we bother or be amused?
We prefer the last option! How about you?

To help you to form an opinion, we are going to tell you the facts that happened in the past days in Timisoara. One of the personalized Angels Studio cars was casually parked on the public space. Nothing unusual here!

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Feed your focus
gain 65 000 $ / month

The monthly thousands of dollars enjoyed by our models seem unreal?! Have a quick sneak peek on what happened in December: over 65.000 $ gained by…our Angel (we keep her anonymity because we respect confidentiality). See the internal report of earnings!

Angels Studio is a life-changing experience for each model. It might seem unreal, but gaining 65.000 $ is not a dream. With confidence, ambition and determination, you can reach every goal. Offering working conditions at European standards and a guaranteed income starting from 4.000 RON since the first month of employment, the studio represents the first step towards what you really want. What is the maximum possible income that you can earn from an Angel role? Sky is the limit!

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Perspective & Success -
Interview offered to the international publication
XBiz World Magazine
(first part)

For us, 2018 started with a significant international exposure - more exactly, XBiz World Magazine has requested an interview about the story of Angels Studio. Silvia Abreu (Studio Manager) has been kind enough to answer the questions and you can read the first part of the interview below.

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Perspective & Success -
Interview offered to the international
publication XBiz World Magazine
(second part)

Talk about your studio's relationship with cam networks. What is the overall approach to teaming up with top sites?
We understand the success of a webcam Studio as a happy balance between the 3 pillars: Models, Technology/Facilities and Webcam Platforms, i.e. Partners. We are working with a closed group of webcam sites, all premium and with all of them we maintain a strong, close and loyal business relation. ImLive, CamContacts and Flirt4Free are part of Angels Studio families. We have an open ongoing channel of communication with all three, we don’t plan to ever integrate a fourth platform in our business in a permanent way unless we have such a solid and mutual relation.

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Self Made Success

When determination represents the only way to success, the results are even. At Angels Studio we use everyday professionalism and respect to achieve our goals, creating lasting relationships with our partners and models. According to the quote “Hard work brings rewards”, we are happy and very enthusiastic to announce that our studio was nominated by XBIZ Awards in the category Cam Studio of the Year - Europe, together with two Angels models.

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The story of my life can at any time be your story. That's the situation in which reality hits you daily, disappoints you and makes you wonder if it's worth to go on. I have been living with my beloved for almost 6 years; we met each other in my first year of university and since then we have been together.

We took the decision for me to work at Angels together, wishing a safer future for our relationship and better financial stability. He works in IT, I am an online hostess. Thinking about money we are doing brilliant, we can afford anything, but just like in any relationship our emotional connection suffers too.

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Angels Studio

...or video chat beyond words

Saturday, 11th of November 2017, was the day when for the first time in Timisoara when we opened the doors of the most modern studio to the public. More exactly, we organized an official inaugural event of its studios. Being an exclusive and authentic event, only 30 guests from outside this area could enjoy the Angels experience, having access to the working environment of the models.

The most courageous ones had the occasion to explore freely the studios where Angels models are running their activity, receiving answers and precious pieces of information regarding the life of an online hostess and its advantages which this position offers. Among those who attended the event was Silvia Abreu, Studio Manager of Angels Studio, who thoroughly explained the mechanism behind Angels and the unlimited earnings of its models. "2017 was for Angels Studio a year of change. A brand new location, a very connected team which strives for excellence and beyond all these, mutual respect and professionalism. The need for a fresh start was organic after 6 years of activity and it had the purpose to embrace bigger and stronger projects.” said Silvia during an interview by the beginning of this year.

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The decision

When you choose to work in video chat things may seem complicated at the beginning, due to the novelty of range. In general, a decision you tend to make this kind of decision when you are in a crucial moment of your life when you have a financial blockage or you pass through a difficult challenge.

My case was a special one. I was born and raised in a conservative family in which the subject of erotism was completely forbidden. Discovering myself as a woman was not that easy. Then followed the university. A new place, lots of opportunities, interesting people and...Angels. My curiosity of working in a new area and also the desire to understand what being a woman means made me try video chat.

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We are Angels Studio! Nice to meet you

2017 was for Angels Studio a changing year. A new location, a Studio Manager who is looking forward to excellence, a united team and most of all, mutual respect and professionalism. The need for a refresh came as a natural step after 6 years of activity, in order to be able to deal with the large-scale projects, with much potential.

But let us tell you in detail what Angels Studio is all about.
Located in a quiet but easy to access location, the Studio is the place in which we conduct the entire business. We have chosen to invest time, energy and finance necessary to provide our models a working environment in line with European standards. More exactly, we are referring to a 1 million of euros intended for the location, equipment, and modern design.

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When you ask me about my first steps at Angels, I can tell you just a single thing: they were clumsy. I ended up here from a joke, a joke which made me realize what effect may prejudice have on us.

I clearly remember that in that period I was looking for a job, wanting to become independent by all means. A normal and natural step, a decision which has proven to be an intelligent choice. I used to spend a lot of time in front of my laptop or my mobile phone applying to various jobs which were available on recruitment websites, but none of them gave me adequate financial resources.

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